The Boy and the Sea

A little boy stands at the edge of the sea
Shaking his fist at what he can see
Angrily he dares the waves to come on
Terrified by all he cannot command.

He takes his stand
Defending the changing strand
Between sea and land.
Yet the more he retreats,
The more he withstands

A wave, one little arm of the sea
Rises with stealth to quelch his defiance,
An assault for which there is no resistance.
A tumbling deluge swallows him whole
Entombed within he tumbles and rolls

Water with water debates within
Whether returning boy alive on the land
Would embolden little Proud-Heart’s stand
But were he buried…

Who still stands to face the sea?
Man restrains, he divert, he harnesses,
Cements, perverts, pollutes, and tames.
Man ignores the water, turns his back on the waves.
But who stands as man to man
Against the sea’s buffeting slam?

A wave, one little arm of the sea
Deposits the boy whole on the lee.


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