Time is a funny thing. We talk of losing time and saving time, though time is not something you can store in your pocket. People complain of not having enough time, though at any moment everyone has the same amount of time. Our lives are ruled by artificial time, mechanical movement and the vibration of cesium atoms. However, time’s hold on us in not absolute. God is the master of time. Take the example of the transfiguration.

Jesus, Peter, James, and John go upon a mountain when Jesus suddenly becomes brilliant, like the sun. Moses and Elijah appear and discuss with Jesus his death and resurrection. At some point Peter interrupts and offers to build a shelter for the three of them. Comically, God the Father interrupts Peter and honors the Son. The disciples fall down terrified. When they rise again Jesus is alone and has regained his normal appearance. What is extraordinary is the men who he was just talking with had been gone from the earth for quite a long time. Moses died nearly 1500 before Jesus was born. In fact, Elijah never died, but was carried to heaven 900 years before this time. On the mountain men who lived hundreds of of years apart are able to have a conversation.

How it happened is not really clear. The Bible is more interested in telling us what happened than explaining the mechanics. Whether Moses and Elijah re-entered time or time ceased to exist on the mountain is something we don’t know. What we do know is that time ceased to be a barrier. The master of time was on the mountain and it could have no hold on him. We find this in other places in the Bible, the Scriptural equivalent of time travel. Sarah has a child though she is far too old. Moses lives for 120 years without wearing out. The sun and moon stop for Joshua. The sun goes down the steps for Hezekiah. Jesus turns water into wine. Physical death, which is such a visible reminder of time, will eventually be no more.


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  1. chelseabvdm · November 15, 2012

    Good thoughts!

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