Glorifying Sex

Not long ago I was listening to someone describe how they discerned which movies to watch watched. This person said he avoided movies that glorify sex. I have a feeling, though I didn’t know the person very well, that if probed further he would clarify his statement to mean movies that glorify pre-marital and extra-marital sex. If he took his standard literally he would certainly avoid the second half of Genesis chapter 2 and Song of Songs. However, his wording betrays a bit of an unconscious bias that many evangelicals have. This standard was given to a non-Christian who had every reason to take his statement literally. In the same way the world often gets the idea that Christians are against sex. We are strong supporters of abstinence. I once heard a fellow dorm resident describe his hall Bible study as being about how not to have sex. I think the problem is that we have focused on negative instruction in this area; a how not too, instead of a how to. Time in this area might be better spent on how to have a good relationship, instead of how not to have sex. (Relationships are much more than physical, but that is a side track).

So to go back to the beginning, instead of the suggestion to avoid movies that glorify sex it would be better to avoid movies that degrade sex. Anything short of God’s standard in Genesis for humans falls short of the glorious life he provided for us to experience. Sex whenever and with whoever cheapens something that was good. Sex outside of marriage teaches that this gift is available whenever and wherever it is desire. McDonalds or any fast food restaurant is the same way. Open almost all hours of the day in almost all locations. The food tastes good, but its crap. To carry this analogy further, the restaurants that serve the best food are the ones that are not everywhere. Even when you arrive it takes time for the cooks to make your order and the meal is usually not cheap. However, when the food arrives is when you are glad that you came. Maybe Christians should be the ones glorifying sex?


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