Harder Task

It’s a lot easier to tell what’s broken than to know how to fix it. A month ago I had fallen into the habit of being very critical. Living in a fallen world means that it is easy to find mistakes and short comings. Because nothing and no one is perfect, except God, finding flaws something that takes little works. Besides, pointing out faults often makes us feel good. There’s nothing like pointing out the flaws in someone else to give you a sense of superiority, especially when it relates to spiritual issues. Judging is often a sure way to boast your sense of righteousness (Though God has already declared us righteous, not because of what we had done, but in spite of it). The harder task that we should be doing is to seek to heal what is not healthy and fill-up what is missing, for our complaints may be very true. For those of us, myself included, who have become critical instead of critical thinkers this may be like turning a cruise ship around. Turing our attitudes around will take effort day after day. It will mean we have to take the initiative, even if we did nothing to cause it, to UNDERSTAND and then ACT. Hopefully, it will become habit when the boat gets going in the other direction. Think what a change would happen at home, in our jobs, and especially in our churches if we spent more time redeeming, through Christ, what is broken around us than we did pointing out the brokenness. Maybe that is just me complaining.


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