I don’t think there is any religion as absurd as Christianity. On one hand it proclaims a God that is powerful and awesome, a God who can send mountains crashing into the sea, who controls the weather, and who has created the vibrant and diverse world that we see around us. He can hold planets, galaxies, and raging oceans in his hands. His complexities are beyond the understanding of even the most brilliant minds and even the world’s most powerful activists, political leaders, and celebrities are ultimately swayed by him. God is also good; he is untainted and free from impurity.

On the other hand he is a God who wants to have an intimate personal relationship with US! We are so unlike him, weak, prone to fight and destroy rather than create, to wound than heal. Furthermore we are tainted by sin and so easily let ourselves be corrupted. We are so unlike God, yet he wants to be close to us. There is something almost comical about it and hard to believe. What amazes me time and again is that it is true. There is no one as great as our God.


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